up for parole

Do you believe in God? / No.
Do you wish you did? / Yes.
What’s your favorite color? / Black.
How many people have you slept with? / Does rape count?
Are you happy? / Sometimes.
Are you happy though? / I don’t understand the question.
Did you love him? / I still don’t understand the question.
Do you miss him? / Sure.
Do you miss her? / Sure.
Do you miss it? / Yes, all the time.
Do you believe in yourself? / Like a racehorse with a bum leg.
Are you happy? / I’m confused.
Are you alert? / I can see you.
Do you understand? / I just hear.
Do you feel close? / I’m just near.
Are you ready? / To do what?
To go home? / Oh, yessum.
Are you finished? / By whose standards?
Will you stand proud? / I will cower.
Are you tired? / I’m exhausted.
Are you happy? / I’m ecstatic.
Are you lying? / Why you ask?
Just to test thee. / Have I passed?