go ahead

you have cancer
you’re so happy
you’re dejected
you’re so sappy
you’re elated
but you’re jaded
all the glitz of youth
has faded
what you feel?
do I care?
it’s as relevant
as hair
it will be gone
‘fore the decade
I am fearless
I am a – frayed
Can I live here
any more?
Am I classified as whore?
husbandless at twenty-nine
and without a liquid dime
I’m a hamster on a wheel
I’m a sell-out, I’m a steal
I’m an up an’ I’m a down
I’m a carous’l go’n round
I do not care what you think
Pissn’ in the kitchen sink
I am bound to be alone
and the thought don’t scare me lone –
it’s the thought that it don’t scare me
that gives me the heebie-jeebies.