coffee at midnight

mommy, mommy, look at me
they’re all so jealous of Yours Truly
the way I can waste 12 uninterrupted daylight hours
like it was an international flight I meant to fast-forward

and mommy, mommy, check it out
I finally got all that clout you never achieved
I had to pull stops and tricks up my sleeve
but I’m not wanted in a single county

daddy, daddy, don’t you know?
your baby girl was a little ho
but no mo, Lord, Oh, no mo
In fact, my snatch doth cobwebs grow

and daddy, daddy, rent’s all paid
organs owned by Citi bank
But I’ll still make the holiday
show face while I dig my grave

and doctor, doctor, cancel my appointment
haven’t you heard? I’m anointed
I flushed my meds, I’m on the mend
I’ll see you at this journey’s end.