check your altimeter

bilateral confusion
a tender limbic tug-of-war
your unicorn at my hostel’s trough
what brings you, clement soldier?
lay your head at this beckoning berth
tell me of your merry travels
my former fantasies now seem
just shapes in the clouds
you are the mist of the clouds themselves
I’m on the wing of a biplane
osmosing the dew of your seduction
So inadvertent
It rolls off the corners of your smile
with all the charm of a honeybee
going about its business
you could no sooner relinquish
the production of honey
Somehow you’ve stumbled upon
the dullest flower in the field
hiding from life’s nudging along
Here I lie, infected
Pollinated with a new joy
I held not the guise to procure
Unsolicited gift
to grant me a glimpse
of eyes filled with wonder
Not the least bit as jaded
as the lips would declare
On my head rests a man’s hand
Yet at chest I repose in
the soft song of a boy’s heart
You told me not to fall in love
And I promise I won’t
if you help me along
So far, you’re failing
six ways from Sunday
I’ve chiseled so long at my escape
I’d appreciate if you didn’t
give me reason to stay.