well damn

knock knock knock
resounding stillness
come in, my disenchanting friend
disappoint me once again
kiss kiss kiss
i remember all of this
when you said
“it isn’t enough,
you can give me more”
bang bang bang
i come down on the floor
i remember my noggin
and the way it was before
win win win
you said you’re always sufferin’
but where are you now?
they say you’re so happy
and i can’t help but think
what if it was me
that caught you like a possum
just to set you free
i line up my lovers
like volumes in a library
so well-conducted,
can’t you see?
these are all the people
who taught me to be me
through trial and error
and relentless battery
i glow like a christmas light
i wane like a crescent
i have no more hopes
i have only blessings.