why don’t dinosaurs clap? because they’re dead.

the eulogy of social skills
a funeral for poetry
join me, comrades
let us toast to the past

did you think it’d last?
that’s adorable
a Clinton utopian rope-you-in
where are your senses?
since when are things real?

the internet killed us with a thousand papercuts
and Zuckerberg on trial couldn’t make a difference
do you remember when you could knock on a door?
or were you born with a phone in your hand?

Have we failed you?
Have they failed us?
What are the autopsies saying
about our brains?

We all hate it
and yet we’re consumed
Consumers, plugged in
slaves on a schedule

Where can we run to?
All the land’s owned
We have to wait
For a bomb or a hacker

I love a time that I never saw
I crave a place I can never be
You tell me, “Just be happy,”
I tell you, “I will when I’m free.”