Oh, late night
what have you now?
the thousandth refrain on a tune I can’t shake
when all your favorite bands stop making music
the mortality sinks in
like a thumb in the pie
let us lay here and meditate
the ways in which we might die
I’d like to come to terms
before I snuggle in my grave
or the small flakes
they’ll make of me
I don’t find the prospect scary
on the contrary
I’m quite amused this movie continues
Chide my ceiling like a child
“Am I really still here?”
Braced for a punchline
that comes one phoneme at a time
And I laugh a hearty laugh
that you can’t buy with milk and honey
See, I’m just an old fool
Who read the last page
Sometimes I think
it’d be nice to be afraid
I skim the biofilm of time
I reach back and touch
A few years ago
When I thought I couldn’t do
What I do now in my sleep
I coax challenge from a vending machine
Like some render comfort
What an eternally boring concept
An easy life
Cruises are for people
With no imagination
Watch what your mind will create
in a solitary cell
At the bottom of a wishing well
Catching the coins
that others discard
Wishing for what
I already have.