intruder alert

take a left at the rhombus
and other mixed receptor signals
I have wheels on my brain
they’re spinning
they’re asking about you like intrusive aunts
reminders of my ghosties past
what makes you special?
nothing really
what my mind will choose to find
attribute to you, right on cue
I’ve slammed this jukebox with my hip
I have options now
like ‘go insane’ or
‘be bored’
see how free I can be?
I watch the remnants of my neurons
Fall off the page like an Ambien nightmare
Like a drop of ice-cream
I’ve licked too late
See what’s left of me
On my sticky chin?
I seem to be
The one who always
Moves my own cheese
Are you the mortal remedy?
What a chore, project
I would be
Like the adolescent cancer patient
Who refuses to wed
I’ll spare you the tick-tocks
And neural connections
Make memories elsewhere
My mind is a pit
I’m hanging on with dear life
But I can see it flopping on the clothesline
in the middle of a twister
Isn’t there somewhere else
That you could be?