pride, playground

“Let’s be reasonable,” I say
about the facts and numbers
“Let’s be reasonable,” they say
regarding human relations

Oh Catch 22, oh funny Conundrum
I have not your data set, nor you have mine
I parse through sentiment
As foreign as Mexican candy
Flavored tears I’m trying to love
While you trip over fallacies
I’ve set like landmines
For mine own entertainment

“I’d rather be happy than right,”
Said nobody, Ever,
Except the one who
Lied to credential the quote
What lowly ambition!

When the Pain of Concession
hurts worse than That of Dissension
Gather up thy Kaczynski bricks
Borne in blood of Pacifist
The American Dream, in rectangular theme,
Laid out for all to see
and yet nobody to gaze at;

Alas, after all, it was wood
That lined isolation,
intentions good!
-but you forgot the details,
didn’t you?
We all did, too.

We see what we want
Selfish and Animalistic
How dare you purport otherwise?
Fast in chastity, and poverty,
and then we’ll see,
absolved of regret and Unsanctioned remorse
How long you can manage
to jockey that high-horse.