throat-singing into a void where you once stood
word-vomit the masses with this steady stream of consciousness only you under-stood
“time heals all wounds” they said to Lou Gehrig
my brain and spine
began to fade when you slipped away
neither gets much mileage these days

I look for you in everyone
which isn’t fair to anyone
they fall short of your best
wear your worst at epidermis
a pretty girl all covered in whore’s makeup

a vampire on tofu
I relentlessly miss you
like a bored detective who closed the case
I miss your cryptic taunting
your well-crafted body covered in last night’s food
coming down just in time to
get it up for me

I endure a new thunderbolt now –
This exile eternal, and self-imposed
I am Europa, I am covered in ice
Life is hypothesized if I stay locked in place
Racing around this stalemate orbit

I knew it would be this way
I knew I’d never stop loving you
And I knew that it’d ruin me, just
Didn’t know how hopelessly.