reneger & the barren-ess

I picked you up like a puppy
Took you home like a stray
You were looking all beat-up
It just wasn’t your day

And you left them at home
You ran off with me
I didn’t know then
Only now that I see

Then she ran off with him
And you signed her away
In a desperate moment
I just had one today

I see why you’re scared
You think I’m the same
That I’ll run with your baby
That I’ll tear down your name

But deep down you know
That I mean what I say
I’ve never been perfect
But I don’t do charades

I don’t have a cent
I don’t have much to give
But my word, it is gold
And by it, I live

I’m writing these words now
To put it to rest
That I knew your intentions
Long before manifest

When your wife starts to whisper
When your keeper insists
That you cut me like rot
And consummate your tryst

With my heavenly angel
That your seed did not make
Reminisce the gift given
While you borrow and take.