i know about you
i know so much
OR ELSE they say
go for it
there’s nothing left to break
eat up my crumbs
lick the plate clean
i’m a specter, phantasm
do you think you have power
over the unclean?
disgarded by god,
yet you condemn me to hell?
you laughable pest
i toss you to corpse pile
you impotent threat
did you think
that you were my first?
poor soul
suicide bomber
this hole has seen more infidels
than your mother saw regret
as you suckled her breast
what did you think
you could take from me?
last in the soup line
you’ll starve yet
you’ll feast on the plagued rats
i sick on your sickness
you’re a building block
you’re a pawn
you see, my God gave me only pain
with which to build an empire
only rain
to build a fire
only shame
to build my dignity
step into my office and see
what your silly games
have made to flourish
every man’s trash
is this woman’s treasure
a fresh new race
we will make the Y chromosome
obscelete yet
opinion, unpopular
yet so widely shared
you violent, prideful, vile creatures
are no longer required
your severence package
is your own package
go suck it yourself.