women’s lib

‘i’ll make a brand of me,’
‘you’ll see’
and she did
all the she’s did
with their free speech or ass cheeks
youtube or me too
and have fun with your nine bucks an hour
mate-less reality
we are the black widow, the mantis
your brains are for dinner
’cause we can’t cook no more
that got etched out of the gene pool
by wendy’s, and blowjobs, and 24-7
night shifts to dip our eyelids to the floor
trip over them right into bed
chasing period-killers with reuptake inhibitors
she’s dressing in princess
calling everyone daddy
she’s gaping her asshole, the one her mom wiped
all those sleepless nights
summer fashion as frenzied
as korean plastic surgery
cleopatra’d be ashamed
the girls have lost their metaphorical balls
in their grasp at the literal
wherein they desiccate the counterpart’s
let us lay here, self-sterilized
devise a new way to be a bit more offended
deep-throat the thought-police, set another alarm
scoop animal shit and pretend to be free
binge the next season instead of a dream
and make minimum payments
until we start pissing blood