protecting group

slavery’s illegal
someone please tell my
and my net worth
boobs too big to be cashiering the jiffy
brain too big to be slinging the tits
“where’ve you been?”
i been all over
all the places
that don’t include you
now let’s get back to that

i hate eating out
unless i’m alone
like to pick my teeth in peace
i hate the sound of chewing
and most other things
but i am mostly
nice about it

like a vampire
who craves vitamin D
i feel my contradictions
pushing down on me

and like a migrant worker
i crave roots beneath my feet
but i’ve sullied this sward with corpses
and now the townies bleat like flock

i’d die without music and
i need silence desperately
“leave me alone”
shot through with “i’m lonely”
i careen through smiling souls
a drunk driver sailing sidewalk
they’re all just in my way

i remember my faith
like i remember my first mix-tape
it was crafted just for me
i played it on repeat
till its affect collapsed
and it’s long gone now