bum pleasure center

ego quick evaporates before it hits the pores
like misty piss on produce moistens air at grocery stores
I’m counting all the stars cuz I’ve got nothing else to do
I’m counting cracks in sidewalks where I used to count on you
the freedom froth of frenzy that has cut me from the chains
I went right up to the pearly gates before I went insane
and asked them please, more porridge, I am eager for more living
food bank line to heaven, that ritzy bitch is always giving
my righteousness, a scaredy cat, went running for the hills
the shrink doth cringe a little when I doth decline her pills
I’m sucking up the nectar of this weeping tree of life
while I saw away her better parts with blunted butterknife
I traded in my army for a night to lay with Queen
I hocked my own reality for a cruel and fleeting dream
and I cuddle with my skeletons because they know me best
and I croon my hallowed shame as she suckles at my breast.