I tried to take notes
On love
Disembowel her
What makes thou tick?
By the toes
She has me
Hanging from a willow tree
Weeping, swaying
Swooning, staying
As I hang
I count the rings
I measure the distance
‘Tween heavens and Earth
The angle of a look
Circumference of a hug
I’ve got you on a bunsen burner, lover
Long nights in the lab
Keen to discover
The composition of this adulation
The relentless nature of this veneration
And I
Think I’m close
It’s all very scientific
Hormones, coitus, wax prolific
Mirror neurons, pheromones
But bane be pesky details
Like crying shoulders and forgiveness
Holding tongues or getting winded
Honey dripping in the doorframe
Beacon signal seeks her name
From whence come this waste excess?
If gene pool be the pull of sex,
Why do I dream of you
Each night
Like I’m seeing your face
For the very first time
And I’m running toward you
While music plays
And I’m thanking God
for each of our days
And I’m filling your shoes
in my little mind’s eye,
Piecing together
the story of your life
And watching the film
Of our fortuitous love
For the eight-thousand