Hypo, it’s hyper
At the midnight hour
Goblins of thought
Climb atop
My craning crown
As I lay me down
To sleep, they creep
And violate me
They whisper and taunt
They tickle and haunt
They scream to-do-lists
And bucket lists
Poltergeist holding my wrists
The bed shakes
The ghosts stick it to me
Oh my past
Oh my future
Can I remember?
Will I forget?
Shall I learn a new language
Before the dawn’s break?
Make a cake, or some money?
Or a jog shall I take?
Get back up, no stay down
Come, what brings the new day?
I can’t leave, I can’t stay
Most of all, I can’t wait-
The skeletons join the soirée!
Click-clack from the wardrobe
As I’m compelled to disrobe
For this sinister orgy
This carousel of contemplation
Mosaic mental masturbation
That comes upon me
In the midnight hour
In my own bed
From inside my own head.