At Ease

Emotional Quotient
Professors of empathy
Fail me till I drop out
People, you can stop now
Sidelined with a Gatorade
Mosey on behind parade
Can’t you see the white flag?
Or be it obscured by the bloody rag?
I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice
Apathy will now suffice
I’ve quit, I’m retired
I’m out of the mire
And despite the feigned smile
I have no desire
To resurrect a dead heart
To have it torn apart
I catch the boil now
Before it overflows
I take it down to room temp
Then who knows where it goes?
But it ain’t here, so have no fear
I’m no beast of burden, no thorn in your side
I’m here for the cookie, strapped on for the ride
Sally rag-doll with my sewn-up parts
I love your face, I’m throwing darts
Like kisses, so catch!
Embrace your wanton wretch
With no heart to break
To your liking, be fake
And my dear, for goodness’ sake
Don’t expect me to care.