Prescribed Fire

Pain, you sly catalyst, you
Rearing your head at one sniff of stagnancy
Keen to the stalemate circus that nags at me
I feel the crowning!
I feel the crest!
Shitting out a bowling ball
Through reluctant hole-so-small
There goes the build-up,
Tear down the wall!
Paved the way
Now fuck it all!
The pyramids and empire
Suck me like a vampire
Damn the city gates to hell!
Build the next one, build it well!
What did the wheel say to the hover-car?
Nothing, that’s what! It’s gone, by far!
I’m so sorry your beheading
Was the token blood that fuels my plight
So sorry that your white flag
Is the checkered flag of my next fight-
And it won’t be a white knight,
I promise you that!
I’ve got scads of white rabbits
To pull out of my hat-
Fuck love and the striving!
For when hearts are thriving-
A thousand leeches at my mind,
A thousand minutes wasted time!
I can’t get that time back,
But who needs it? Not me!
I’ve got new manifesto,
I’ve got new decree!
And my poor sweet prince charming,
Maybe you’ll see
That love is a poison
To creatures like me-
And you won’t take it so very
Because now I’ll be happy,
Now I’ll be free-
I am at peace now,
Now I can be.