I saw God at a rave
In the neon, LED
I saw God in the forest
Peeking through the trees
Rays of light made out
Just barely,
I saw God in the river’s ripple
Mostly when it hit the shore
And became the shore
I saw God going fast
Down a woodland road
Who’d have thought a speeder?
I keep seeing God
In the breath expressed at winter
When the people,
They keep breathing
So glad you’re breathing, dear
Really, I am
God must want it
God gets around
I saw God in the bed of a truck
Not sure the direction
God seems to know
Always seems to know
God was there at the wedding
And again at the funeral
Never left the room at the birth
I saw God in an AIDS epidemic
Then I saw God in a flash flood
They floated by fast
They didn’t see God then,
But maybe they will later
I saw God at the top of a rollercoaster
And a few times on a dance floor
And every time our flesh mixes
God shows up in strange places
I saw God’s reflection in your eyes
Off the gloss of tears
When you laughed at yourself
God was there for the miracle
And then for the tragedy
That ended in a miracle
I saw God,
And well, God’s an exhibitionist
So God shows off
When God knows I’m watching.