Fine With It

Where were you
When the realization hit?
When you realized,
That there is no perfect fit?
Did you kick and scream and wail
At the thought of ending breath?
Did you watch it like a movie reel,
Your own impending death?
Did you smile at the thought of it
With shackles on your wrists?
Or stand ground and man your stance,
Taunt the bitch with clenching fists?
Did you contemplate your own mortality,
On a breezy Sunday night,
With barroom lights igniting all the glaring wrongs and rights?
Did you drink it off, fuck it off,
Work it off or sleep it off,
Did you grin or did you cry
Or did you sigh or did you scoff?
Where were you when you realized
That your heart would one day quit?
And where were you when you realized,
That you were fine with it?