Lethargic little lady
Where’s the grad cap now?
Easy money, honey
That sly devil washes out
All your fabricated aspirations
Dry, cracked lips meet
A glowing ATM and
Lovers kiss
Keeping chap at bay
Sandy floor mats
Bubble bath
What a chore, this self-indulgence
Miserly, she hoards another
Consolation prize
Empty chamber, dancing
Thumbing through Forbes
Travel mag, take-out is
The closest she’ll get
Big fish, small town
But the mirror tells a mullet’s tale
Fishermen of this dirty water
Will gut her, filet her,
Mash her to dip
Snuff it all out
On a halfpenny’s hope
With a bat of the lash or a
Wag of the hip
Buy another moment
To waste, with relish
It was all on a whim
Now it’s an empire
On the bluff, flirting
Craving the fall
A parable in pumps
Diffident vixen
Emaciated glutton
Placing blame on
The hand that fattens
Clung too long to the branch
Now spotted and rotting
A feeling in her bones
Turned to powder under weight
Of jagged stepping stones.