And no unfitting adulation!
Innocence, thence
Commence recital!
No time to waste
Haste, round up vital parts
Give this show a healthy start
Magazines of divas, queens
Princess dress all stuffed with stress
Chase fairytale, happy ending
Wrought with wreck from the beginning
And now, the gilding!
The rice!
Such theatrics will suffice.
It’s your plateau, your afterglow
Your pretty, pampered, pompous show
Declare intention
Old invention
Seeded in property, procreation
Acceded to proper story, litigation
Adjudicated adoration
A dictated duration,
Passioned courtship’s due cessation!
Gift your rings, gift your hearts –
A trope’s trope, doused in hope!
She mopes at the arena’s farce
Watching dope after dope,
Citing providence, elope!
The ballerinas, the audience
Worlds apart
Apathetic confession:
This woebegone working girl
Never took lessons.