Figurative Love

First they told me love was a metaphor
It’s the wind in your sails, the light in the darkness
It’ll be the breath in your lungs, the blood in your veins

Then they told me, perhaps it’s more of a simile
Like the breeze on a hot summer day, warm as a campfire on a winter night,
As sweet as a cherry on a sundae

No, no, they said it’s more like hyperbole
I love you thiiiiiiiiissss much, more than the moon and the stars
I’ll love you forever and ever and ever

Nay, love is a personification
She’s the Queen who comes to free the slaves
She’ll tuck you in at night and make you glad you’re alive

I say damn them all
To me love has always been an onomatopoeia –
Riiiiiiippp. STOMP. Squish!