Well I crissed and crossed and spat and shot to shoo away the evil rot
To no avail, I gnashed my knees and ground my teeth in prayerful pleas
Away I went with somber heart and thoughts that tore my faith from limbs
Day-mare of fire-lapping lakes to host a lengthy brimstone swim

All the while, knees a-stuck
And steadfast in their meager luck
Mind a-shattered, body tried
And soul to commit suicide

The calling fell upon deaf ears as scolding acid soaked my gears
A gentle pull upon the rein that often chokes me back to sane
For in the stillness I did hear and in my mind’s eye he did sear
A calmness to redeem my wrath, a moment’s still, a lighted path

For sacred place, where peace doth dwell
Where drain’d heart renews its swell
A new hope lit across my face
As I saw death and life embrace

For granted in a moment’s dream, a flee to Earth and Heaven’s seam
Gift fit for Queen bestowed on swine, and signed in true by the Divine
Such passing glimpse not soon forgot, life’s envied object fiercely sought
Now mine a map to the abyss, and ceaseless love to reminisce.