Lady of the Dark

The demons, they are knocking – BANGING – at her door,
Banshees scream, CONCEDE, you whore,
Return to who you were BEFORE.
Your efforts – they are MEANINGLESS
In light of DARKNESS of your soul,
Time to ABANDON strives toward purity,
Laughable, GRANDIOSE goal.
Girl, you are a HARLOT,
And a SLIPSHOD one at that,
Wearing an IMPOSTER crown-
A SHAMEFUL, tattered hat.
You have UNWOUND your wedding gown,
UNFIT to bear a ring,
Bear now POISONED heart dragged ’round
At hip in BLOODIED sling.
ALONE to live, forevermore,
Naught Madonna, alas, the WHORE!
To polish dulled and DEADLY weapon-
Once beloved, now ABHORRED.