last call

if you were born after the millennium
that’s 2000, for those of you who were
‘cuz you’re the only ones who wouldn’t know
you don’t know anything, really

and I don’t need friends, so you can hate me for that
like a whiney girlfriend who threatens the cold shoulder
no one wants to hear anything you have to say, anyway

“you’ll be dead by the time my generation rules”
yes, and my attempted direction
should compel you all the more
to heed my word

because most people don’t care
that you and whatever comes out of your chemical wombs
will be the demise of the earth, but I do

I’m so sorry that the products of “my” generation
the Zuckerbergs the Bezos,
the Bill Gates and the Dorseys
and all those other white guys
with their dicks in your mouths
have made you nothing but a repeater radio

It’s not fair – but you have a choice now –
Delete it
Get off it
Kill the addiction
They have crafted for you
Your body may look fine in all those Instagram photos
but your mind is dying
So hard
and the world needs you
So you can’t let it

And there’s no middle ground –
Cold turkey
is the only escape
from this
21st century

I hope to see you
on the other side
where the only way I see you
is Your Carbon
with my eyes.