lol chill

like a child i
resist bedtime
i still eat happy meals
i have no interest in
makes me laugh
kumbaya is the
electric slide
my smirk will
melt the earth
morality is a
game of cards
i’m bluffing every turn
i saw your naked body
in a grave, or maybe
in a bed
it’s all the same to me
i will treat you equally
i’m no nihilist
i believe in
many, many things
but none of them
will make
the cover
of time magazine
it’s all one giant
pulsating orgasm
i’m blasé and yet I’m thrilled
i make a living
living off
all of those
yummy guts you spill

to take this life too seriously
you must first be narcissist
Did you forget
that even you
will soon forget
that you exist?