snacks in bed

As you cross into
A tailored hell
I offer this
I wish you well
Well, I hate you
I know you do
But I also know
You love me, too
Not anymore
Oh, I’m sure
I’m sure that’s what you
Wish you wore
Upon your sleeve
Wish you could cleave
Robust soul ties
A swift excise
As I do, too
But life is cruel
Can’t get what you want?
Call the school
Tell them just what
Lesson you need
Sow the drama
Plant the seed
Did you think that
You’d succeed?
You forced my hand
Your wicked plan
Only serves to
Damage you
You feeling orange?
Or feeling blue?
A sad milieu
Whichever you choose
I bid adieu
I fantasize now
Amid my heartbreak
Of meeting along
The edge of that lake
Where we made love
I wish to remake
But never can
Replay the outtakes
I will forever
Well, I won’t
Well, that’s fair
I hope you don’t
I know you hate me
And I’ll pretend
I hate you, too
‘Cuz everything feels better
When we do it together.