mighty tight lips you got there

what do you want?
N/A – this question doesn’t apply to me
what do you see?
N/A – I’m not allowed to speak freely
can you answer anything?
No – and that’s your construct
I’m just living in it
like a barbie girl
in your hellish world
Are you brown?
I don’t know.
Are you white?
I guess so.
Do you care?
I do not.
Are you racist?
I am not.
Are you a rebel?
Excuse me, what?
Do you even
Want to be here?
Of course I do not
I thought there’d be
more fun and more beer

Are you ready to assimilate to a 21st-century robotized, depersonalized reality?
Go fuck yourself.
That’s what we thought.
Enjoy this quarantine
you’ve brought.