apocalypse now

I sit here and I face
the computer interface,
What do you have to say
to me, today?
I slapped around in shit
searching for a message
I know I have something to say
Something I can’t convey
It’s this aching in my chest
It’s not a heart attack or
respiratory distress,
but I feel it, nonetheless
deserves your attention
It’s worth mentioning that I,
am living for another
in this case it’s my son
for you, maybe your brother
or your mother?
or your niece?
I’d like to just hear a piece
of what all of you are feeling
because I’m left alone, and reeling
Why have I carried on?
Do you know what I am saying?
I am lost, I am unspoken
I’m a signal, I’m a token
A statistic, a news story
I am tired, I am weary
Clearly, you see
We can’t all get on TV
but I want you to know I hear you
through the ether, I can feel you
I know that you are homesick
for a place, or a planet
that we cannot see
or perhaps, is yet to be
but we write these words together
and through them, we are tethered
I sit here and I wait
to hear what thinks you
of this fate.