El Dorado
or Atlantis
Endure to wonder
Can I have this?
Bossy girl
To whip me right
How might I
Serve thee?
One knee…
or two?
Tell me, Girl
What must I do?
Boy, you tell me
What to tell you
That won’t work
That’s not the point
Anoint me as your toy in true
Tell me what to do to you
Have your way with
Bag of bones
Toss me out or
Take me home
I have no thoughts
I am a doll
I take command
I heed your call
I’ll tell you what I really need
I need a knight on trusty steed
To swoop me up and spoil me
Now do a twirl, let me see
You don’t get it
Can’t you hear?
Don’t make me think
My only fear
That you will hand me back the reigns
My only pain
That you will ask,
Instead of tell
This is my hell –
To give me choice,
I have no will
I have no voice –
Now puppet-master, I beseech
This is a trait I cannot teach –
That you will give me what I crave
In breaking me to loyal slave.