below threshold

every moment of happiness
in your short little life
was just the right chemical cocktail
neurotransmitter fire
at just the right time
the right time and place
we didn’t get that right
let us fail with grace
a snail’s pace love
as our hearts leak behind us
a streak of slime
to paint the picture of ghosts past
you’re slacking in the uptake
you’re molasses in the crossing
of my blood-brain barrier
she’s hungry and sick of waiting at the door
and I’d make a drug of you yet
but you don’t fit in my spoon
or in my syringe
or in my glass pipe
wipe the smirk off your face
stop wasting my time
you’re old oxytocin
you’re hangover wine
you’re slow serotonin
you’re placebo, i’m blind
you’re a faint rush of dopamine
that’s fallen behind.