Death, Liberator


When the nay-sayers say
Where have you been?
Tell them loading up dreams into a plastic bin
Squandering the present
Cataloging the past
Laying out the future
Like a flag at half-mast
I get high on my own mistakes
I dance in my mis-steps
And I’m back with some new shit
Like a big pharma rep
MSNBC don’t scare me
I’m waiting patiently for apocalypse via zombie
There is nothing left to lose
When you’re on holiday from hell
With Satan kinda pissed that you don’t really serve him well
Half-ass angel masochist
Hedonistic altruist
Depends on the day
And Mercury in retrograde
Like the Magic Schoolbus ginger
Who wishes he stayed home today
I’m out here in the chaos
Knowin I can’t undrop the trip awaitin
I’m contemplating, masturbating
Educating, propagating
Switchin up the norms and banking on some copulating
When bumps off strippers buttholes bore you, better find a purpose
There’s a lotta tick-tocks left before I’m ridin in that hearse
And when it can’t get any worse
You’re free
The 180 happens automatically
No effort on my part, it’s butter
Skillet life’s a motherfucker
‘Cuz it’s almost too easy
When I know that death frees me.


The paralysis spoke to me
Through sips of savignon blanc
Like the finches rousing the lethargic Snow White
The posion apples
That you slice to your own plate
Are turning to ash
Now small acidic insides
The injustice of the world
Rests not on your chest
Though you wear it like a charm
And go to work each day
Hi-ho against evil
Poor girl
Don’t you know that the Lord
Blended a little
Too much of the knowing
Into your blood?
So shake it like the tambourines
That give your tiny little brain
Those clockwork evening migranes
And just try to get to the part
Where you lie in the wake
Of so many before you
And be grateful of
Your knowing of death.