I’ve decided to deprive
My edacious knees of rice
Seems what used to count as pain
Will no longer suffice
See, we pray away the stress
Pray we won’t be so depressed
Blessed with apathetic stare
A swift reduction in the care
Cutting out conviction
Like excess dough from rolled confections
And medicate away
The reflective parts of days
I wave goodbye to my old ways
Like a friend, from the train
And I’m not afraid
’Twas the plan all along
I’m just glad that the song
That was stuck in my head
Has found someone else to bother, instead
And I remember thinking
I’d have nothing to hum
Without that beat to the sound of my own drum
But my rhythm was poor
The parade just brought rain
All that bad chemistry up in my brain
I remember clinging to chaos
Clutching with claws
To contrived little notions
Grasping at my precious straws
And I remember letting go
Like the desperate
Leap from flames
Less afraid of the unknown
Saltate into change
And I remember where I was
Like some remember
their first crush
When I realized
that my beliefs don’t count for much.