Party Crasher

Recurring dream, I’m at the gates
Only, wearing roller skates
And the floor inside is all white sand
Where hefe grand is being fanned

Members lined in golf attire
Too-soon youth compose the choir
I see the great book looming near
My name left out, why am I here?

They flip the lights and take a seat
With scowls that say they have me beat
Croaked ‘fore I could make a deal
They flip the bird, and then the reel

The life I’ve had, the good and bad
Quite pornographic, I might add
They scoff and spit, chew stir-sticks
Angels have seen better flicks

End their frights, I hit the lights
Angels have seen sadder sights
I gather up out toward the door
Catch the lift to basement floor

The undertaker preps my throne
Skating through, who would have known?
My life reads like a crappy poem
And Heaven’s just a nursing home