Head Hog

I learned about the nations
Their rulers, empires worth noting
The cycles they succumb to
The languages developed in the corners of the world
I learned the languages
I spoke in tongues, I spoke with hands
I know long division and algebra
Calculus and trigonometry
I know about the solar system and the stuff that makes stars
I can balance a checkbook, I can do taxes
I did my Catechisms, I said my prayers
I studied all the Gods
I contemplated spirituality, got to choose my own
I make 1000 decisions a day
I have Google, I have documentaries
I have YouTube and porn
I own 200 books
I’ve yet to read
I have a marked-up map of the country
I have an uncharted map of the world
I know a cornucopia of people
I know a multitude of things
I have a plethora of memories
I have questions, I have answers
I have facts and I have figures
I have 100 billion braincells
And 100 trillion synapses
I have all this and I
Mostly think of you.
I mostly think of you.