Whose life is this?

I am not from here
Whose life is this?
Lost and found scraps
Retire to thrift shop
Over and over
Somehow in my closet
Where I live now
This coquettish monster
You see in the dark
Trying on reality
Like exotic scarves
But I am not from here
Whose life is this?
I slip into skin
And dance in the show
Enter stage right
Exit stage wrong
Forks in the road
I think that I’m lost
Dorothy on LSD
Why do they keep calling me
By this name, in this skin?
Whose life am I in?
Poised like a mannequin
Soft steps, avoid fall
A ventriloquist’s doll
Jaw yammers up and down
Until collapsing to the ground
And now-where am I?
Am I onstage or at the pound?
Back at the lost and found?
And I’m not bitter, I’m not pissed
I’m just curious-
Will someone please tell me,
Whose life is this?