Gift of Desperation

I vie exclusively for
Long shots
And all I’ve got
Are fat chances
Last dances
Beg forgiveness
Check advances
Hope for best
And leave the rest
I’ve got no minutes
In the day
I’ve got no faith
In the delay
I’m grasping straws
Race the clock
Must beat the cock
I must prevail
Will not fail
Hole in boat
Tattered sail
But I don’t care
I’ll beat you there
My secret weapon
Is defeat
Sores to prove it
On my feet
They are always
Where I’ve landed
Beat and broken
Lost and stranded
Nothing left
To lose or prove
Check my King
I’ll make my move
Wise maneuver
Sets me free
Watch my hand now
Watch me flee
Failure fuels this
Lasting fire
Self-loathing fuels
This new empire
And all the doubters
Wash ashore
This island welcomes
Guests no more
No vacancy
Believe in self
I leave behind
External now
Face the past and
Take a bow
Put out of mind
The cast and crew
I do not do
These things for you
I choose now to
To capitalize
To exercise
My unshakable ability
To summon opportunity
Regurgitate calamity
Get drunk on
Bred of my mind
Enjoy the view now
From behind.