Fate Bait

Inebriate thyself with the spell of the sire
Twirl around in this hell without map
Subconscious a trick where false plans manifest
The dreamcatcher catches the pest in the trap

A chemical cretin, copulation of cosmos
The hormones they ride on the fine strands of time
Amixed with vibration, bemused observation
Emotions they soak in the timekeeper’s brine

Waves of false prophets to hurl you, ruthless
Ripping the toes in the undertow’s edge
Drown in most disillusioned of seas
From deep-beneath silt your soul will be dredged

Sweet curious traveller, wary and soaked
Your attempt to pull strings will leave you tied up
Find now, my searcher, this chest bearing truth
From most hallowed ground this wisdom pried up

There lie divine secrets, its time that you knew
The universe hoards all the letters you’ve sent
Hopeful and perfumed, they rot in time’s chest
She documents every vain breath you have spent

Mass burning at dawn on the body’s last day
Your wishes the fuel for the sire’s bonfire
For the earthlings they grow in peculiar way
By fulfillment of pain, and not of desire

Cease your calligraphy, all of it futile
For time, she’s a bitch and she knows the game well
It’s all predetermined, jester be still now
You are universe chum, you are under her spell.