Stand Alone

A bundle of sticks
A pocket of stones
Unity, a guise for custom
Clever tricks to craft you with

Glass houses, soft egos
A playground for the bullies
Stones always cast
By the scarred and scared

In my contemplations
A revelation is stirred
Forevermore a cog in the wheel?
Time to choose my place

Amongst the meek or the wicked?
Alas, a new role emerges!
That of the fly, the wall, the flower
It sits so well, aggressive neutrality

All the mild injustices done unto me
They gather and breed and sing out:
Your adherance fuels the fire!
Your submission breeds your stones!

Your words will shape me no more
Be they kind or malicious
For they are all the same
Just chisels, uninvited

For alone, we are strong
Contrary to belief
In each other we’re made weak
It’s in each other we’re made weak.