Anesthetically Amused

Pieces of my dignity
Sizzle on the frying pan
Along with my eluded mind
That’s gotten lost in no man’s land
I’m turning up the dials
On this sickening compulsive state
The menu offers ensalada
I’m ordering a bloody steak
You’re picking off my petals
Save precious time, he loves you not
Veggie drawer, I’ll leave my guts
Wait patiently until they rot
Your high resolve is falling slow
I’m waiting here with open arms
Hopped up on a fabric hope
And crushed and snorted lucky charms
Going down now, feeling fine
Embrace the lungfuls, salted water
Singing hymnals of the slaves
Surviving now on faith and fodder
Atop the passionate indifference
Bewitching promise in your eye
I’d settle now for scoured bone
A politician’s pretty lie.