World’s Most Famous Beach

In a town where
Milligrams matter
And the salt licks away
The fender investment
Babyfood dealt
Alongside the pill
Shoreline erosion
Truck tires mean well
Neon flows freely
As do the sob stories
Oneupmanship woes
Belt-drawn-tight monies
Lucrative fix
Throw a casino
Another corner store
Coax all the tweaks out
Abandon your dreams
In light of the buzz
Injected with this now
You won’t make the cut
Sunshiny lulling
Molasses soles
Romance your exit
But don’t up your hopes
A shame, all these ghosts
Motivation’s disgrace
Painfully slow
No horse in the race
Whiney beach town
Sewers spew vomit
Can’t get with the program
Already on it
Cash in your smile
Can’t spend that shit here
Concede to the right lane
You’ll find your friends here
So hear ye, outsiders
When ya’ll lift your shoes
And find us salt-lifers
The underneath goo
Please remember
From high horse rearing
Whilst pumping the shotty
Even zombies have feelings.