A Virgin’s Lovers

I peek
As she
Perfect mounds
Heavenly form
She spreads to me
I climb atop
I sneak along
Her entranceways
So welcoming
She is to me
Dewy skin
Exhale, moist
I breathe her in
Whisper against
Her grassy knoll
I want to taste
All she has to offer
Her creviced body
Tells of lovers before me
But I don’t mind
Today she is mine
To be inside
We embrace
I will sleep here tonight
Amongst her valleys and
The noises she makes
In the night
Are so beautiful
When I’m done taking her in
(Which I never really could be)
Her sounds will coax my slumber
(Like they have hundreds before me)
She’s insatiable
As old as time
She’s a mother to many
Yes, countless would claim her
In one way or another
But she belongs to all
All of her lovers
She has plenty to go around
Virginia is for lovers
All of her lovers
Virginia is for lovers
Virginia is for me.