Hopeless hopeful
Seeks higher form of
Long walks on the beach,
A purer form of God, please
Organic source, single ingredient
No filler, no agenda
Feet to the ground and
Head in the clouds
Heart right here where it belongs
With my fellow man
Bouncing ideas off each others’
Souls and bodies, guessing
Always guessing
And laughing
And picking themes for the day
Directions to follow
To somewhere we don’t know
But walking with such
Determination, laughing still
If we’re smart about it
Because we know that tears drown
And we’re pretty shitty swimmers by now
Your love is my life preserver,
And yours is mine
No salvation alone
Not the speed, but the stop
It’s the hit, not the drop
And I see you there with my safety net
So I let my heels pass the edge
I’m afraid no longer
Step up to the gate
Best ride ever made, they say
My day to try
Rollercoaster of life, nauseating delight
Silly girl, don’t ponder the heights
Or the twists and turns or the lefts or the rights
The velocity is none of your concern
And the loops aren’t your business until it’s your turn
Vertigo of corkscrew, not academically learned
So just pull down your harness, and raise up your arms
Think of the pleasures and fear not the harms
The big hill is coming, now embrace the climb and
Prepare all your senses for the love of a lifetime
Feel completely what cannot be spoken,
This gut-hurling whirling, not a word but a notion
Celebrate wholly
Perpetual motion,
And try with your might, child,
To keep your eyes open.