I saw
through a tiny glass thimble
inside the notes of a sonata
and around the ionosphere
during the gentle cataclysm
The Thread
so fine, touching us all
the most intimate way
the varied waves of light
the ones we don’t know about yet
the vibrations of the universe
that softly pull us, like ballet dancers
across the dusty stage
I felt it like the pressure of ocean depths
I felt the piano and the forte course through my atoms
I sensed it like the horses do a storm
I saw it like the light before death
I saw the Thread,
that beautiful Thread that connects us all,
and keeps us connected forever, despite all efforts.
Back then, when I knew no consequence,
When my heart was still empty and hard,
When I still believed that time had a place,
I wrapped that sacred Thread around your throat
and choked you ever so swiftly with it.
I walked away with my spool,
And you must have laughed a kind laugh,
and sent the piano and the forte through the wire for years…
It’s been you, hasn’t it?
I must go back now, unravel it
lest I be cursed forever with you in this
parallel universe
stuck underwater
Gentle nightmare
Ubiquitous and most persistent dream
Hilarity and tragedy all wrapped around
the same spool of thread,
the same messy web
the same beautiful design
That keeps us both up nights,
pulling softly,

I will find you tomorrow
I will make things right.