Dark Catharsis

On a cold Florida night, she sits in the dark
Conjuring thoughts of death, flirting with a cigarette.
She tells herself, Today I’ll live, I’ll put down the smokes
And as she says it, the cherry of the grit is already lit.
It’s 2 am, and the town is getting out
It’s death out there – its pitch black and the streets are slick.
Pull a drag, should she go out? Better to stay in…
But even as she thinks it she gets up and – flick.
The butt burns through the grass and she’s putting on her flats
No need for a raincoat – not where she’s going.
The summon sounds over her half-hearted heartbeat
Through the darkness, suddenly the moon is glowing.

There’s a secret dance that begins before dawn,
The voices chide, Your presence is requested,
She is called to the unholy land, involuntary journey
The hidden temple, oubliette sequestered.

Bones hang from the ceiling of the chill corridor
Fountain flows with bloodish time-honored brew
Turn back now, while you can – she hesitates,
Then a sinister smile, and she steps through.
They’re preparing the alter with rose petals and ash
Burnt remains of the those who failed before her
She should have stayed in the cool Southern night
But then, the brew sets in, her thoughts begin to blur.
They place the dagger in her hand, they’re pulling back her hair
Her dampened skin has now become as hueless as the skies
Just like it should, she thinks, and smiles at the orator
He lays her down upon the alter to rub the ashes in her eyes.

There’s a secret dance that begins before dawn,
Nowhere else will take us – and the imps delight.
They know the moon will soon rise for good,
Waste no time; embrace the night.

The demons sway and move, the dance has begun
Sacred incantation, she begs for the blade now –
Dipped in the potion, most holy vile juice,
And the blade is rubbed upon her trusting brow.
Here is what she came for, a new smoke fills the air
The imps take turns, extracting every drop of black
Mucous thriving in her head, infectious waste for days
Will it kill me? Will I care? And now – the poison down her back,
The serpents are released, her spine now paralyzed,
Excruciating tickle, beasts suck at every orifice,
The poison leaves and she collapses, empty now in true –
Around her now the drums begin, coaxing on the chorus:

There’s a dance that begins before dawn,
Come be freed of the blackness that consumes you
Live here with us now, in the dark –