The documentary fills my eyes with skinny children scooping muck from dirty pools.
“Water is so boring…I think I’ll go get a Coke.”

I hurry inside the 7-11 so that the door just swipes shut before the bum’s dry lips open.
“I thought these Cokes were 2 for $2…I’d really like one for later.”

The vagrant’s breath nearly knocks me down from behind crack-rotted teeth; I dodge.
“All that Coke is no good for your teeth,” says my dentist.

He tells me to drink milk instead, and I tell him that I’ll leave it for the baby cows.
“I’ll have a Coke with my burger,” I say to the waitress.

I quietly roll my eyes as the bum catches up with me at door on my way out.
“Please, Miss…can I have that Coke can when you’re done with it?”