Summer on Ice

You used to be so nice
Back before I met you
But the rats have gotten into the food stores
A heart packed in salt for naught
And now we’re all out of luck

Resentment turned to pity when I saw
The disgust in your own eyes
From behind you,
Looking at you looking in the mirror
I wanted to hold you then more than ever

But the summer’s too heated to be breeding warmth
Why then, do I shiver on the balcony at thoughts of you out there?
The cold fall of (loneliness) and [emptiness] and envious RAGE
They TRAMPLE my little heart like a frightened elephant
I’m holding on for dear life to the thought of a dear life
One I can see so vividly in the parallel universe strolling beside me
Through the waterfall of unattainability
[A sour witch, to melt at stepping through]
I stand still and watch.