Two Poems


Denying denial
I brighten the dark,
Let myself smile

We’re priming these ribs
We’re nixing the fibs
We’re watering gardens
Refurbishing cribs

Sometimes I wear a crown
Made of gold upon my head
But once in a while,
They cast it in lead

Sometimes I’m seeing red
Sometimes I’m stricken to my bed
Sometimes I’m feeling far from well-fed,
But Satan hands me a crutch;
I hand him my daily bread.


Land mines everywhere in sight
Ain’t no such thing as light
When your shoes are this heavy

No water in sight
In this desert at night
Still I’m breaking this levy

Is the enemy of my ears
Is the enemy of my fears

Plane tickets all around
I’m a dog stuck at the pound
Surrounded by cats

I’m the little oyster that never pearled
I’m a sitting duck in an upside-down world
Ceiling lined with bats

Is the friend of my cowardice
Makes it easy to be done with this

You were my secret stash
Now I’m getting whiplash
And losing my sanity

Losing the grip I have on these reins
Ripping up tracks and hopping the trains
Befriending calamity

Is the butane of my cowardice
Helps me cope with things like “hit or miss.”